Heart Health Apr 14
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Through the advancement of technology and innovation in research, healthcare has made considerable strides in detecting and treating heart disease. The most significant improvement is the reduction of strokes and heart attacks. In fact, from 1980 to 2014, amount of Americans suffering from cardiovascular disease decreased by half.
We are now more informed than before on risks associated with heart disease; some of the most well-known symptoms are difficult to recognize without the assistance of diagnostic tests in the clinical laboratory.
Surprised the test showed the possibility of a heart problem. Although she had no symptoms, further tests brought up a disturbing finding that one of her coronary arteries was 95% blocked.
For the over 120 million adults living in the U.S. who have cardiovascular diseases, tests in the laboratory provide healthcare providers and patients with the information they require to determine risk and the best path for treatment. Blood tests that are routinely administered give a great example of how tests performed in a laboratory can provide valuable indicators of a patient’s health. The blood tests can identify the levels of “bad” cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein or LDL) in the blood of a person and make them more at risk chance of developing cardiovascular disease and, in turn, heart attacks. Once this information is available, doctors and patients can develop a care plan and implement preventative measures. For patients such as Dr. Deanne Lites, knowing about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and its effects is essential to sustaining the health of your lifestyle and controlling an illness.
Every day healthcare providers and patients across the country utilize lab tests in clinical settings to gather vital information regarding patients’ health and habits, which can lead to better health and improved clinical decision making. With Indian Heart Month drawing to a close, it is an ideal moment for patients to begin talking to their doctor regarding risk factors that could be a concern and take steps to safeguard their health.


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