The CARE BIG and Culture Building Behaviours encourage us to be aware of the needs of our customers. These are in the heart of our work and those who rely on us to make the right decisions. Care Big reminds us that the ultimate goal isn’t simply to process samples but to find solutions that improve people’s lives.

Care Big is more than simply a slogan embedded in every level of our company. All business decisions crucial to Skylab’s success are evaluated about Skylab. And everyone at Skylab employees is urged to sign a CARE LARGE pledge each year to help them make a difference for themselves and the entire Skylab Group and its customers.

To be a CAREER is to go over the line of duty regardless of whether we’ve been asked to or because we’re sure it’s the right thing to do. When we take care of ourselves, it’s always exceptional. It is a significant difference to our customers, colleagues, and patients.



Pettah Skylab Laboratory is located close to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and Shanghumugham Beach. The private and KSRTC shuttle buses link Pettah to most of the city.

The railway station in Pettah is located 2 km far from Thiruvananthapuram Central railway station.

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport International Terminal is around 1 km.

Skylab clinical laboratory in Pettah

Blood Tests in Trivandrum

Laboratory Blood Tests Trivandrum has earned a reputable reputation for providing outstanding quality for a wide range of Trivandrum blood tests on Pettah street. We utilize the top laboratories located in Trivandrum. With more than 1000 blood tests available, we can take care of almost every eventuality. The majority of our test results are available in less than 24 hours.

The clinic staff is highly experienced medical professionals who have decades of experience within the medical field. We don’t only collect blood, but as part of a reputable medical clinic, Blood, Trivandrum, we are there to provide advice and guidance and conduct any blood tests essential.


Trivandrum, 20 March 2022: Skylabs, the leading Kerala’s diagnostic services provider, is opening another  dedicated Medical Laboratory test facility in Juma Masjid Complex, Paruthikuzhi.

“At the request of the local health authorities, 

“The Kerala authorities can rest assured that we are doing our utmost to confront this public health crisis.”


Skylab Clinical Laboratory Anayara, Venpalavattom , Lulu mall Trivandrum, Kims Hospital,Lords Hospital, Kunjuveedu Nagar , Kumarapuram , Landsdown Park , Pulayanarkotta are the nearby Localities to Anayara.

SKYLAB  Diagnostics new branch near Anayara, Trivandrum

Skylab clinical laboratory Anayara branch diagnostic tests you may have at Skylab Diagnostic Center that can help you keep an eye on and manage your diabetes: