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Skylab Diagnostic is Equipped with the most advanced laboratory equipment as well as Highly Experienced and Professional Technologists within the following Fields of Anatomic & Clinical Pathology. Hematology | Hormones | Microbiology Virology / Immunology / Serology | Urinalysis | Histopathology

Skylab Diagnostics is in Association with Strand Life Sciences to Perform High-End Special Laboratory Investigations. ” “Strand Life Sciences is the world’s leading genomic profiling company that aims to provide personalized care and genetic tests for inherited diseases. Strand Center for Genomics & Personalized Medicine which is located in Trivandrum


Who needs Preventive Tests?

It has been noted that the age group of working-age (35-65-year-olds) is becoming more afflicted by chronic diseases of the lifestyle. It is suggested by the International Consensus and understanding that all men and women who are over 35 old should have every year a Health Checkup that is Preventive. If there is a substantial family history of a specific illness in the families, it’s advisable to start examinations 10 years earlier than the time that the youngest family member has been diagnosed with that specific disease (e.g. diabetes mellitus or coronary heart disease high cholesterol levels as well as high blood pressure prostate cancer, breast cancer colon, etc. )…


A health check-up regularly will include the following tests:

  • General Physical Exam (body weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc.)

Laboratory Investigations:

    • Complete Haemogram It’s a set of tests that examine the various blood components and is utilized as a broad screening test for disorders such as anemia, infections and various other ailments.
    • Profile of Lipids This profile is utilized to evaluate the likelihood of developing heart disease.
    • LFT: It is used to evaluate the function of the liver, or to detect liver-related diseases.
    • Kidney Function Test Test is used to assess how well kidneys function.
    • HBA1C The test is designed to gauge the average blood sugar and to check for pre-diabetes or diabetes.
    • Vitamins used to assess Vitamin levels (d3 B12, d3) Essential in determining bone & Nerve Health
    • C-Reactive Protease: This protein is responsible for determining the degree of inflammation in organs.
    • R Factor to determine the levels of Rheumatoid Factors present in the blood
    • G6PD: To decrease levels of Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase that aids in the function of Red Blood Cells normally
    • BMD: Bone Mineral Densitometry
    • Urine Routine Examination A general test of the health of a person, and their metabolic or systematic disorders.

SkyLab comes to your home with home collection services.

We know not everyone can come to one of our Patient Service Centers, so many of our home collection care services are ready to go to you. Serving thousands of patients in their homes each year or collaborating with healthcare facilities, retirement homes, and businesses, our mobile lab collection team has numerous services to make lab testing convenient. 

Home Blood Test in Trivandrum

Do you need the results of a lab or blood test but aren’t able to go to a medical or hospital amid your busy schedule? It could take a while to administer lab tests since it requires visiting the doctor, arranging an appointment, and getting the tests performed. It could take some time that could be alarming to many people.

Since Skylab Home Healthcare laboratory uses best practices for healthcare delivery and believes in positive change We can offer home blood tests Trivandrum in the privacy of your home, in the security and comfort of the privacy of your own home. Our highly trained laboratory experts can visit your residence to collect samples. You’ll be able to receive the results online.

You could enjoy the ease of having test results at your home at a low cost without sacrificing safety by using Skylab home Blood test service. The home visit service we offer is particularly beneficial to patients who suffer from weak immune systems and people who have a higher risk have serious COVID-19-related issues. Utilize the Home Blood Test Collection Service as a safe alternative to going outside to ensure that all your medical requirements are met.

To make a Home Collection appointment, Follow a few simple Methods.

Pick a Convenient Location

It’s easier to conduct a test at home than be exposed to the elements during an outbreak. Just enter your location to request a home-based visit and Skylab expert laboratory professionals will be at your home to collect your blood sample.

Professional and Highly Trained lab technicians 

All the lab technicians employed by Skylab are highly skilled and experienced. They use the highest level of care and observe strict hygiene regulations when they collect blood samples.

Convenience and Flexibility

You can arrange the time that is most convenient for you to get a secure blood sample collection taken at your home. Every Sunday, in-home Blood collection services are available.

Get Your Test Reports Online

Schedule a visit to your home, then receive your results via email or WhatsApp. Through this service, you will be able to review your report online, while ensuring that the blood sample you request is taken safely at home.

Why should you pick us?

Highly qualified team: Single prick blood collection is a specialty of a highly skilled team of laboratory experts.

Flexible Timings: Because we know your requirements, we gather samples at times that are most suitable for you.

Fastest Reports: You’ll receive reports via email and printed in the shortest time possible.

Sunday services: we go over and beyond for your satisfaction. Also on Sundays, we collect samples.

In assisting with the provision of top home healthcare Laboratory services such as mother-baby care and elder care blood tests within Trivandrum, Skylab Healthcare laboratory Center has been established as a leader in Trivandrum. 


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