Our Vision

Skylab clinical laboratory in Trivandrum work aims to improve patient care and guide clinical decisions.

Our Goal

To provide the best quality diagnostic services to our patients to enable the highest level of patient treatment.

Skylab Clinical Laboratory Trivandrum is a leading health clinic for prevention and is situated in Trivandrum in the heart of God’s own country.

We offer health assessments to private and corporate clients who are looking to adopt an active and proactive approach to wellbeing and health.

Our goal is to identify the risk factors and lifestyle aspects that can lead to health issues. We also give you confidence. This allows us to monitor your health and health status. The entire assessment is conducted at Skylab Laboratory, which has modern technology and equipment and is managed by a small group of helpful, knowledgeable personnel.

What is a blood test?


Blood tests are among the most popular kinds of medical tests. They are used for various purposes that include assessing your general health, determining if you are suffering from an infection or ailment, determining how specific organs function and screening for genetic disorders.

Which blood tests are there?  

A blood test occurs when a small amount of blood is drawn from an arm vein. A nurse performs it at your doctor’s office or in a lab by a phlebotomist. A phlebotomist can be described as a medical laboratory technician that is trained to collect samples of blood and other substances from individuals to be tested in labs.

How can a blood test be performed?

Then, a bandage is put on the upper arm to cause the veins below to grow. This allows you to pull blood away from these veins. The component might feel tight during the brief period after the band has been placed.

The injection site is cleansed using the alcohol swab.

There may be a sharp sensation of stinging or pricking when the needle is introduced. A tube is connected to the hand to allow blood to be collected. In the event of how many blood tests you have, you may require at least one vial to be collected when the tube and needle are set.

Do I have to worry about having a blood test?

Many people are nervous when they are asked to take blood. But, the person who takes the sample has been trained to perform this test, and the process is almost always accessible.

If you are squeamish or anxious, it might be best not to observe when your blood is taken. If you experience faintness or lightheaded before or following taking the test, inform the nurse or the phlebotomist. You should have the option to lay down.

If you’ve had this type of reaction previously, or are concerned about anything else, inform the person is taking the blood sample before they begin if they don’t inquire about it.

What happens following I have had my blood tested?

Once the blood sample has been taken After the blood sample is taken, a cotton swab can be applied to the site. You might be advised to keep the swab in place and press it down for 3 minutes. This will stop the bleeding. It also decreases the likelihood of developing a bruise. The plaster is then applied that can be taken off after approximately one hour.

Following your blood test, you should wait at least a few hours before using the arm that the test was performed on for any lifting heavy or any other activity that requires lots of effort.

Are there any reactions to blood tests?

A few people experience a bruise on the site of the injection. A small bump should disappear within a few days.

In rare cases, a lump or bleeding (called a haematoma) could form near the injection site. If this occurs, protect the area using a clean cotton swab or tissue and apply pressure on the spot for about 10 minutes. Cold packs (e.g. the ice cubes placed inside a bag of plastic covered with a towel) can help to reduce swelling.

The injection site may be tender, and a large bruise could develop due to haematomas. The bruise may last up to 10 days before it disappears, and there are no permanent side effects associated with this.

If you continue to have issues following the test, talk to your doctor.

How should I proceed following a health screening? And why should I take regular health screenings even if my results are good?

If your health screening results are generally acceptable or borderline good, Our medical centre would still advise you to maintain regular health screenings at the prescribed frequency, such as every year or every two years, based on your age, health condition or other lifestyle-related factors.

Suppose the results of your screening are not expected. In that case, the lab technician will inform you what’s wrong in the post-consultation and will advise you to visit your primary physician or suggest you see an expert right away, even if you’re feeling healthy.

One-time complete body examination will only identify diseases and health issues or provide you with head-ups about an existing condition at the health screening. Regular or regular health screenings can assist you in identifying any illnesses or health risks that might be present following the previous health checkup performed by us. Taking good medical care and protecting and safeguarding our life’s precious treasures is a lifelong commitment.

Why Choose Us?

Skylab Clinical Laboratory Trivandrum provides a one-stop easy health screening for health screenings in Trivandrum for all of our valued clients. Skylab laboratory is conveniently located in the centre of Trivandrum.

Our Medical Laboratory offers a wide range of health Screening Services for families, individuals, and employees of corporations to help people with a need to understand their health and how to manage it with a reasonable and affordable complete body examination Trivandrum cost. We at Skylab laboratory have developed a total body health checkup on your health history, age, risk factors, and the history of your family.

You’ll be at ease during your stay. Each person on Our medical personnel is an experienced professional who has met the standards for providing quality medical care that will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands throughout your visit.

Within 1-5 business days of your appointment with our medical centre, You will receive a thorough medical report on your complete body examination in Trivandrum via e-mail, WhatsApp, and in person. We strongly recommend going over the results in a private consultation with our doc, who will inform you of the current state of your health and assist you in determining the best course of action for you. If we detect a health issue that needs immediate attention, we’ll notify you immediately.

Your medical issues are the primary focus of our business, which is “Where Your Health Matters” to us, lab technicians.

Full-Service Clinical Laboratory, Offering Specialty Testing Services

A high-quality laboratory service is Skylab Laboratory’s primary goal. With a complete understanding of how the results of our tests can help enhance treatments, relieve suffering, and prolong life, Skylab Laboratory has sustained an excellent reputation for exceeding client expectations.

We take great pride in providing accurate and timely results using flexible systems and friendly project coordination. We are experts in comprehensive diagnostic testing, emphasizing protocols to offer rapid results and accurate data management in support of all testing phases.

Skylab clinical Laboratory in Trivandrum is open 7 days all week long and offers the most extensive test menu. Tests are conducted by medical technologists who are certified and clinical laboratory researchers.

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