Vishu tradition Apr 14
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As with the tradition of Kanni performed in The Tamil New Year, Vishukanni means “the things that are first observed during Vishu.” Family members go through the day before Vishu cleaning up and decorating the home with festive decorations. The principal preparation for Vishu celebrations is the setting up of the Vishukkani tray that is filled with food items that are believed to bring good luck, such as rice, cucumbers, jackfruit, coconut, and so on. The chief ingredient in this Vishukkani tray will be the Konna flower that blooms in this Vishu period. This tray is packed with other items which have positive religious meaning, including cash, money, coins, sacred Hindu texts, as well as an oil lamp, to mention a few. As the name suggests, the Vishukkani tray should be first on the list of things that every family member is expected to see the first morning of Vishu morning. It’s a fascinating Vishu tradition that the eldest family member lights the oil lamp before dawn, before blindfolding the others and welcoming them into the Vishukkani setting.

Vishu Sadhya, Vishu Kanji & Vishu Padakkam

Sadhya means feast. It is a crucial element in celebrations of any kind in Kerala. But what makes the New Year Sadhya different and distinct from other Malayalam celebrations is the unique preparations for Vishu Kanji along with Thoran. Vishu Kanji serves as the principal dish made of various ingredients such as rice, coconut milk, and spaces as well as spaces. Thoran serves as an accompaniment. Other essential Vishu dishes comprise Veppampoorasam (a bitter version of Neem) along with Mampazhappulissery (a sweet or ripe mango soup).

Others Vishu Customs

Alongside the customs that were mentioned earlier, the Vishu celebration in Kerala also includes the custom to wear Vishukodi or Puthikodi. It symbolizes the custom of purchasing new clothes during the commemoration of Vishu. Another custom is Vishukkaineetam, the name given to the tradition of elders donating money to younger members of the family.




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