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5 ways to maintain your heart health



The sudden cardiac arrest caused by Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin during an NFL game on Monday Night Football game has many concerned about their health and heart.

With the numerous fresh research papers, medicines as well as supplements to choose from, creating the right health plan for most adults can adhere to all through the year is complicated.

However, here are five guidelines that will be sustainable and effective, if executed, to keep your heart healthy over the long haul.


1.Exercise and diet


The well-known adage that more exercise equals healthier eating — is the best way to start. The advantages to your heart of a balanced diet and exercise routine can be found in a vast library of books.

The standard American diet is stuffed with excess calories, too many carbs and the wrong kind of fats. A poor diet can cause a variety of health issues, including high blood pressure, and diabetes as well as the high level of cholesterol that causes heart attacks cancer and stroke, to mention some. Millions of dollars are used to treat health issues resulting from a poor diet and insufficient exercise.

Without making any changes an unhealthy lifestyle could take away the quality of our lives. Let’s make it the year we step away from the sofa, take down that remote, and the cell phone, opt for a moderate drink (instead of the larger one) and exercise.



2.Drink more water


If you are eating healthier and getting more exercise, a different health issue becomes apparent the issue of chronic dehydration.

Our bodies are 70% water therefore getting hydrated is beneficial to various bodily systems, such as circulation. Being hydrated can help the heart pump blood through blood vessels to muscles. It allows muscles to work more efficiently, which reduces the strain on the heart that is experienced by well-hydrated people.

A variety of issues arise due to dehydration. These include muscle cramps, fatigue headaches and even dysfunction in the immune system. Carry an empty water bottle for school or work Fill it up multiple times throughout the day, and reap the advantages of drinking water. The cost is minimal and the benefits are huge.



3.Keep track of your annual health check-up


When the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of health exams in person as well as preventative studies were stopped. This is the perfect time to see your doctor for an extensive physical exam and the recommended tests (blood work, X-rays etc.) This includes tests for hypertension, diabetes and other ailments that affect the heart.

In addition to your annual check-ups Be sure to remember any crucial screening tests specific to your category, such as mammograms and colonoscopies. As the pandemic slows down health professionals are beginning to have patients come back to be evaluated. They’re also recognizing more serious health problems that were not noticed during the time of the pandemic. The treatment for these neglected health issues is more demanding and expensive and could be less effective.

Consult your physician soon to receive an in-depth physical exam as well as suggested tests to avoid any health issues that could be avoided.


4.Stop smoking


The United States has done a remarkable job of reducing cigarette smoking. The adverse health effects caused by smoking cigarettes are extensive, and well-documented and affect every organ in the body.

In the last couple of years, however, smoking marijuana and recreational vaping usage has hurt our advancement. Heart attacks are just one of the many adverse effects of smoking marijuana, and also the development of oral cancers and lung cancers strokes, and COPD (emphysema). Chemicals in popular flavours of vape like vanilla, mint, and clove could affect blood vessel cells, which aid in keeping the heart healthy.

This is the year that you stop smoking cigarettes or smoking vape.




Another thing to note is that you require between seven and nine hours of rest each evening. This could include turning off the television or internet all night or shutting down video games.

Research has shown that short duration of sleep or poor quality sleep is linked to elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. Short sleep patterns increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

Sleep helps us stay alert and focused for the coming day. Sleep well and the next day will be yours to take on!



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