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WHAT to EAT (for better control of sugar)

Eat your veggies first

Your mom is right. And you’re probably aware of that. Here are the facts on the whats and whys.

How you eat is just as important as the food you consume. The order in which your food intake affects the level of glucose within your body. Consuming vegetables first, then good fats and protein, and finally finishing by eating carbohydrates, reduces glucose spikes and is healthier for overall well-being.

If you have medical conditions such as diabetes or are in the middle with an ancestral background of hypotension or diabetes This sequencing could be crucial. Additionally, long-lasting and excessive spikes in glucose aren’t healthy for everyone since they’re linked to inflammation. Inflammation is associated with heart disease as well as other organ anomalies within the internal organs.

Why should we eat more vegetables? They are because they contain fiber.

-Fiber isn’t broken down into glucose by our digestive system

Fiber blocks the action of alpha-amylase. It is the enzyme that breaks down starch into glucose.

It slows down the process of emptying gastric juices which are when food is taken out of the stomach and into the intestines. There, it is broken down before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

It creates a viscous mesh inside the small intestinal tract. This mesh is made more difficult for glucose to enter the bloodstream.

Then, there are fats and protein since they are both slower gastric-emptying foods. In the final stage of eating are the carbs If you’ve adhered to the right procedure, you’ll be feeling smaller and eat fewer carbs. Sugar and carbs are burned at a lower rate when you’ve filled the stomach first with fiber.

By following this advice with this information, you can determine how long and high your spikes in glucose last. Through Skylab Health you can now track and control your sugar levels using our random Blood Sugar, Fasting Blood Sugar, or HbA1c (3 months of average sugar) tests.


Eat your salads first.

Include protein in every meal.

Avoid sugary drinks

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