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Vitamin B12 Apr 11
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Vitamin B12 Profile for Advanced Testing from SKYLAB MEDICAL LABORATORY


This profile, we believe, is a hidden gem that provides a wealth of information about the health of red blood cells – and much more is available from the tests inside. There are very few profiles that offer active B12 levels in the first place. This means you’ll be more particular about your actual B12 level as you could be based on your B12 level…
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1. Vitamin B12
2. Active Vitamin B12
3. Vitamin B9
4. Hemoglobin
5. MCV




The pigment within the blood-red cells is the pigment that creates the distinctive red blood cell hue. Its primary function is to deliver oxygen to all of the organs and tissues in the body.
Smoking cigarettes and living cause polycythemia at high altitudes and an inherent tendency to make more red blood cells within the bone marrow. In the event of dehydration, blood gets more concentrated, which can create the appearance of an increase in hemoglobin. However, it does not signal a significant increase in protein.
A low hemoglobin level can be a sign of anemia. Condition of low quality and insufficient red blood cells. Vitamin A must extract from the food, and manufactured by certain strains of bacteria. The size of the blood cells can be a helpful indicator in determining the size of the red blood cell. – read below – and the levels of the B vitamin, B12, and Vitamin B9 can aid in determining a diagnosis of the reason.




The measurement of the Mean Cell Volume (MCV) is an excellent indicator of the size of the typical blood cell. Based on this measurement, a myriad of investigation avenues could become apparent. The most commonly mentioned reasons for a higher MCV (implying that red blood cells are getting larger) are Vitamin B12 deficiency folate deficiency and consumption of alcohol to a more excellent than the normal amount.


A low MCV can likely be a sign of microcytosis (small red blood cells). The most common cause is iron deficiency. The primary reason for the low MCV; However, there are other causes that could be involved. These are genetic red blood cell disorders, such as thalassemia , and “anemia of chronic disease.” Another test to screen of ferritin (or more extensive research on iron) can provide a precise estimation of the amount of iron stored in your body and assist in determining whether you’re in a state of iron deficiency and a further reason for an MCV that is not high.


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is soluble in water and plays a vital role in maintaining normal cell function, particularly in the activity of red blood cells as well as nerve function. Incredibly, complex organisms (animals and fungi, plants and animals) cannot produce B12.Vitamin A must extract from the food, and manufactured by certain strains of bacteria.
The excess levels are typically a result of supplementation or taking a diet high in vitamins. Some instances of this are those with a rare, hereditary eye disorder called Alzheimer’s disease. A high dose of Vitamin B12 in these patients could damage the optic nerve, which may cause blindness. People who are allergic to cobalt should avoid vitamin B12 since it is a major component source. In rare instances, high dose supplementation or injectables with Vitamin B12 cause diarrheic, bleeding, itching, or allergic reactions. Myeloproliferative and liver disease (a disorder of bone marrow) may result in increased concentrations of B12. However, people who are susceptible to large levels of B12 in the real world are rare and few. Some practitioners even recommend high doses of Vitamin B12 to help sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fight the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases.
The way it is described is that in Vitamin B12 deficiency, The red blood cells become a larger size (if it is serious and persistent) which causes an increase in MCV. The criteria for diagnosing vitamin B12 deficiency remains a subject of debate. Certain experts believe that levels between 400 and 500 pmol/L are acceptable and that levels lower than this can cause symptoms. A steady level lower than 140 pmol/L could cause megaloblastic anemia (or Pernicious Anemia (PA)), with decreased quantity and quality of red blood cells. This can result from a lack of intake of vitamin C or from insufficient absorption through the digestive. Absorption problems due to a lack of Intrinsic Factor (IF) are typically the main cause of PA. It usually is due to an autoimmune reaction that creates antigens (manufactured by the body’s immune system) incorrectly targeting and killing IF. Vitamin B12 deficiency, in the long run, may result in nervous system issues that cause changes in sensation and loss of power or coordination, digestive disorders, or (rarely) Alzheimer’s disease or mental illnesses.

Active Vitamin B12


In a sense implied by its name, Active B12 is the version of B12 that has a real impact on the body. When B12 is absorbed from the diet, it’s transported into blood cells in two forms – bound to the haptocorrin (70-90 percent) and transcobalamin (10-30 10%). Only B12 connected to transcobalamin is “available in this instance. However, it is the active form.
There is a growing consensus that knowledge regarding what is known as the Active B12 level is more useful than knowing the total B12 amount when assessing whether or not there’s an actual deficiency in the vitamin. Levels of the vitamin may be in acceptable ranges, but most of it depends on haptoglobin and is effectively inert. It is insignificant for the body. The symptoms and signs of deficiency could be apparent regardless of the apparent normal levels of B12.



Vitamin B9 (folic acid) is a member of the B-group of vitamins that is which is present in the green vegetables, in particular. Vitamin B9 is a vitamin that the body stores in its reserves; compared to vitamin B12 is very inadequate and is only enough for approximately 4 months.
 In the case of excess Vitamin B9, it is possible that the presence in the absence of Vitamin B12 levels can lead to issues; however, the B12 deficiencies are effectively disguised through the action of Vitamin B9 that is believed to resolve megaloblastic anemia that is caused by a deficiency of one vitamin. However, it does not eliminate the negative effects of B12 absence. It is crucial to make sure your Vitamin B12 levels are acceptable when a high Vitamin B9 concentration is found.
The causes of Vitamin B9 deficiency are decreased intake of food or poor absorption via the digestive tract, an increase in demands (e.g., pregnancy), and the negative consequences of certain medicines (e.g., methotrexate). The symptoms include fatigue, disturbances in sensation, and depression. The long-term deficiency of Vitamin B9 can result in megaloblastic anemia (similar in appearance to the one resulting from B12 deficiency, where large mature red blood cells are predominant and cause higher MCV).
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