Diabetes Apr 10
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Diabetes is increasing in India as well, with the number of cases expected to increase to 5 million people by 2025. Type 2 diabetes cases typically caused by lifestyle and diet are growing rapidly and make It is of the most common health problems that can last for a long time.

If left untreated, diabetes could cause a variety of health problems, which is why early detection is essential, as it gives you all the details you require to avoid more grave problems from developing.

What is the term diabetes?

The condition is a chronic health issue that impacts how your body converts your food into energy. Most of the food you consume is broken into sugar (glucose) and then released into the bloodstream. Suppose your blood sugar levels rise, and the pancreas signals to release insulin. However, the process could be disrupted and cause complications that can cause diabetes.

There are two kinds of diabetes:


Type 1 diabetes

Usually, the first signs are in adolescents, children, and young adults. With this kind of diabetes, the cells in the pancreas cannot produce insulin since your body’s defense system attacked and destroyed the pancreas.

 Type 2 diabetes

The most well-known kind of type 2 diabetes is often associated with excessive weight or physical inactivity, having a family history of the disease, or an earlier diagnosis of gestational diabetes. It is also more common for certain ethnic groups.

The pancreas can cope with the increase in demand for insulin by producing more. However, as time passes, the pancreas cannot maintain its capacity to supply sufficient insulin, and blood glucose levels increase, which can lead to a myriad of health issues.

What health issues can those with diabetes suffer from?

In time, elevated blood sugar can cause problems like:

  • dental disease
  • kidney disease
  • Eye issues
  • stroke
  • Foot problems
  • heart disease
  • nerve damage

What are the signs of diabetes?

Several indicators indicate you might have diabetes. This includes:

  • Vision blurred
  • Continuous thirst
  • The time it takes for wounds and cuts to heal is longer to heal
  • More tired than usual
  • Uterine frequency, particularly in the evening
  • Genital itching or Thrush
  • Losing weight without attempting to

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