World Earth Day Apr 21
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Earth’s natural environment and increase the public’s awareness of pollution. The day celebrated on April 22 and worldwide includes gatherings, conferences, outdoor activities, and community initiatives. Earth Day is a time of year to consider how your daily life affects the world. This day is when people think about ways to cut their carbon footprint and improve water quality. They gather to work on their own and work hard toward making the Earth a more beautiful and healthier environment to live in. Earth Day is an important day for everyone to take a moment out of their busy schedules to reflect on humankind’s effect on the planet and consider taking steps to reduce the impact. In the end, we can all live more peaceful and healthy lives that are in tune with the natural world. While it would be wonderful to live as if every day were Earth Day, The day serves as a gentle reminder to take care of the Earth and express gratitude for Mother Nature.

The movement was started as a grassroots one; Earth Day created public support for establishing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and was instrumental in adopting the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Endangered Species Act, and various additional environmental laws. The then-Sen proposed the concept behind Earth Day. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin passed away in 2005. In the beginning, Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970. It was a historic day widely recognized as the birthplace of the current environmental movement. Twenty million Americans joined in the first Earth Day from every walk of life. Twenty years after, Earth Day went global and energized around 200 million people from 141 nations and brought environmental issues to the worldwide scene.

Earth Day will be a day to reflect and be grateful for everything that the Earth provides for us. It’s also an opportunity to strengthen our bond with the environment, show our appreciation, and consider ways to more effectively support the Earth to ensure the future of our planet. The theme for Earth Day is Protect Our Species. Nature’s greatest gift to our world is the large number of animal species we have come to know and love and many others that are still waiting to be found. Humans have irreparably impacted the natural equilibrium. The result is that our planet is currently experiencing the highest rate of extinction since the time we lost dinosaurs over sixty millennia ago. In contrast to the fate of the dinosaurs, the swift loss of species across our current world is caused by human activity.

In this year’s edition, Earth day is incredibly near to the family home of Fannin Tree Farm as it is focused on the issue of climate change. Trees can mitigate the effects of climate change by eliminating carbon dioxide in the air. Through photosynthesis, trees can offset between 10 and 20 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions every year. Furthermore, they help guard against the effects of climate change, such as floods, and they are becoming worse as we experience increasing localized heavy rainfall by capturing rainwater, decreasing erosion, and forming more permeable soils. Trees help to stop around 400 billion gallons of water runoff every year across the continent of the U.S., which is enough water to fill approximately 600,000 swimming pools that are Olympic size.

Trees are equally crucial for air quality and water. More than 50% of Americans depend on trees for the ability to filter and collect drinking water. The leaves of trees can also absorb pollutants from the air and intercept particles that help reduce asthma symptoms, irritation to the throat, and premature death, which these pollutants can cause. By removing more than 35 million tons of these pollutants from the continent of the U.S., trees prevent more than half a million cases of acute respiratory ailments every year.

It is not surprising that areas with more trees offer more significant benefits, such as those in the Southeast and the Pacific Northwest. But, specific uses are more prevalent in urban areas, which typically are more polluted and have more significant flooding risks. Urban trees can help lower urban heat island effects. City heat islands impact and decrease cooling need by 30 percent by providing natural shade. Urban trees cut U.S. energy bills by more than $5 billion every year. Also, as a reduction in energy use results in fewer greenhouse gases, forests could help create a cleaner planet and improve the quality of our lives.

What are we able to do?

At Fannin, we’re always looking at ways to decrease our company’s carbon footprint. We recycle every single one of our plastic buckets to grow trees. We have stopped purchasing containers for water in plastic bottles for our employees and provided everyone with a Fannin Tree Farm bottle. We also installed a water cooler that purifies the water from the tap. We have eliminated hundreds of plastic bottles every month.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Children have lots of fun during Earth Day: they have an inherent desire to conserve and preserve, love getting their hands dirty, and are awed by every celebration. Making plans for Earth Day activities for kids is simple. It would help if you began by asking your kids what they’d like to do to assist the Earth. This brainstorming session can assist you in deciding on the kinds of activities you and your children can contribute to helping the Earth. Here are some ideas:

  • You can plant a single tree or collection of trees to enhance your community, offer shelter and food to birds, and help prevent soil erosion. It is possible to purchase an ornamental tree to plant in your house at a discount of 40%.
  • You can organize a recycling event with neighbors and friends. recyclable materials and recycle the materials to win prizes
  • Find a group of kids and pick up trash on a local beach, park, or public area.


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