awareness of cancer Feb 04
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World Cancer Day is an annual international day on February 4. It is designed to bring awareness of cancer, promote early detection and treatment, and encourage a more compassionate approach to cancer. The Union organizes the campaign for International Cellular Therapy and the World Conference on Lung Cancer. It was established to support the United Nations’ World Health Assembly resolution. Below is a brief history of this global day. To learn more, visit the World Federation Against Tumors website.

The Charter of Paris designated February 4 as World Cancer Day. In 2006, the UICC, an umbrella organization for the world’s cancer organizations, first organized World CRTC-sponsored events to promote cancer awareness. The campaign uses different symbols to encourage people to become aware of the disease. The pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness, while the orange ribbon symbolizes childhood cancer awareness. The daffodil is a global symbol of hope for a better future free of all cancer. SKY lab Laboratory has a home blood collection Facility.

In addition to awareness campaigns, World CRTC works to eliminate cancer health disparities and provide equal access to cancer care for all people in the United States. The goal is health equity for cancer, which means that everyone has an equal opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and follow up with cancer care. Through research, public education, and community participation, CRTC is helping improve all Indians’ health. It can prevent many types of cancer through healthy lifestyle choices and screening tests. Skylab Medical Laboratory has Home Blood Collection Facility.

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