At home blood collection Feb 04
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In an era where many patients postpone routine medical care, medical blood sample collection at home has become increasingly popular. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has led to a 40% decrease in people visiting labs for blood draws. Some labs have reported a decline in phlebotomy appointments and test volumes. For instance, Quest Diagnostics reported a 50% decline in test volumes by March 2020. Thankfully, health institutions have responded by adopting new technologies to meet the demand.

At-home blood collection is one way to meet the rising demand for medical tests.

Skylab Laboratory in Trivandrum is available to facilitate collecting blood samples at home and eliminate the need to visit a health facility. The resulting remote patient interaction allows the doctor to review the results of the samples. Lastly, medical doctors can communicate with patients via email or video chat platforms. Contact Skylab Clinical laboratory today if you’re interested in obtaining a medical blood sample at home.

Another step in small blood collection is to offer more convenient services for patients. These services allow patients to collect blood samples at home without leaving the comfort of their own homes. By allowing home health care providers to conduct lab tests, Skylab Medical Laboratory in Trivandrum can help better service patients. They can even deliver the results to patients within 24 hours. A remote medical laboratory will analyze the sample for the results.

medical blood sample collection at home is a capillary blood draw. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels in the extremities and are ideal for blood collection. They are especially suitable for testing a small amount of blood at home. This type of test is done without spinning and is referred directly to a laboratory. The results are immediately available within minutes. A laboratory can also collect a larger volume of samples at a time. Skylab Clinical Laboratory in Trivandrum, Pettah, will help you collect blood samples from the comfort of your home.

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