Urinary tract infections (UTIs) Sep 10
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One of the most popular tests that uses a urine sample to evaluate several aspects of health is a urine analysis, also known as a pee routine. Your doctor may occasionally feel the need to check on your health. Your doctor would advise a routine urine test in these situations as well, since urinary tract infections (UTI) affect women rather frequently.

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What is a urination schedule?

A regular urine test looks for the following things:

visual components

chemical components

microscopical features

Different substances that are present in your urine can be detected and measured by it.

Three components of a urine analysis are:

Urine is visually inspected for clarity and colour. Urine coloured by blood may appear crimson or taste like tea or cola.

It becomes murky due to infection. While renal issues are indicated by frothy urine.

microscopic analysis

To determine whether the urine contains anything abnormal that cannot be seen with the naked eye, a small amount of urine is inspected using a microscope. Red blood cells, pus cells, crystals, or germs fall within this category. Crystals that eventually grow large and take the shape of kidney stones are created by the chemicals in urine.

Sticker test

Define dipstick.

Chemical strips are attached to a tiny plastic stick. This strip has been doused with urine. When a material is present at a normal level, the colour will change.

What is checked with a dipstick?

pH: Acidity:

It gauges how much acid is present in the urine. The presence of kidney stones, renal issues, urinary infections, and other illnesses can all be indicated by an above-normal pH.


Our blood contains protein, which is a crucial component of your body. However, it shouldn’t be found in your urine.

Your kidneys are crucial to this procedure.

What role does your kidney play?

Your blood is purified by removing waste materials and excess water, leaving only the nutrients your body needs, such as protein.

Your urine contains protein when your kidneys are damaged. Protein in the urine is an indication that the kidneys aren’t correctly filtering and are being harmed by renal disorders.


It indicates diabetes.


It is a symptom of kidney disease, an infection, some medications, or overexertion. Urine with blood in it has to be tested further. However, it is not usually a sign of a significant medical condition.

Black blood cells:

indications of infection.


It is a byproduct of the decomposition of aged red blood cells. Liver disease is indicated by its presence in the urine.

Why do I require a urine test or routine?

Your doctor can evaluate several facets of your health thanks to your urine routine. The following medical issues can be tracked by your doctor by having a urine test done on you:

The early detection of several health issues is a component of normal physical examinations.

if you exhibit symptoms of specific illnesses, such as diabetes, liver disease, or renal disease.

to determine whether you have a urinary tract infection.

Certain medical issues for which you are undergoing therapy must be watched over.

It serves as a checkup in preparation for surgery.

when you are a hospital patient.

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Let’s proceed and comprehend a couple more elements of a typical pee test now.

What distinguishes a urine culture from a urinalysis?

For the purpose of diagnosing or learning more about urinary tract infections or any other illnesses, urine culture displays the developing bacteria from urine samples in a lab. It is not a component of a typical urine test. Your doctor can want a urine culture performed using the urine sample you submitted for the initial urine routine test if the urine routine test reveals UTI. The type of bacteria causing the UTI is identified via urine culture.

How do I get ready for a pee test?

Make sure you consume enough water before your urine test so that you can urinate and generate a sufficient amount of urine.

Your doctor may occasionally request a urine sample from the first time you urinate in the morning. It relies on the rationale behind the urine routine’s recommendation. In this situation, your doctor will undoubtedly inform you.

Your urine’s colour may vary if you take certain medications. Your doctor might suggest that you cease using a certain medication that is affecting the results of your urine test. Only discontinue taking drugs according to your doctor’s instructions.

It is crucial to let the medical professional know if you are menstruating while having a urine sample taken. Vaginal discharge and menstrual blood can affect specific routine urine test findings.

routine urine test

The “clean catch” procedure is typically used at diagnostic centres to do routine urine tests. This aids in preventing cells from your genitals from contaminating your urine sample. A catheter can be used to collect a urine sample.

You will receive a specimen cup, sterile wipes, and detailed instructions for collecting your urine sample when using the clean catch method. You will be instructed on where to store the urine sample after it has been collected. Before taking the urine sample, wash your hands with soap and water.

Regular urination is a component of a complete body health examination. The top health checkup packages in Trivandrum are offered by Skylab Clinical Laboratory, which is headquartered in Pettah, Trivandrum. To learn more about our numerous services, get in touch with us. Our job is centred on caring.

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