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“Strength in Unity: Celebrating International Day of Families”


People often say that families are the most fundamental social unit. Nobody needs to ask how important families are because this is such a basic fact for many people. Given the significance and impact of the concept, it’s only reasonable to acknowledge and celebrate families once a year. As we honour families on International Family Day (May 15), we can do precisely that. 


Sadly, few people know that the UN established May as the International Day of Families in 1993. The General Assembly instituted this particular family day to ” raise awareness of issues concerning families and deepening understanding of the social, economic, and demographic processes impacting families,” as stated on the United Nations website.


What is the rationale behind celebrating family on a global scale every day?


This is a family portrait featuring a mother and her four adorable children.

Each person’s family dynamic is distinct, and families can range from very small to extremely large. Siblings, parents, grandparents, and other family members can significantly influence one another, regardless of the shape or circumstances of your family. Beyond that, every family unit also affects their neighbourhood to a considerable degree. Recognizing and celebrating the family is a priority for many organizations. 

Research on family dynamics has been underway at the UN since the 1980s. The tradition began in 1989 as “The International Year of the Family” to mark their ongoing research, and it continues today. May 15, 1993, became the official date for the annual celebration. By emphasizing the importance of families, the United Nations approved several goals in 2015 to combat poverty, prejudice, and other social problems. The 2022 International Family Theme, “Families and Urbanization,” supports the belief that families may play a key role in shaping favourable city policy.

We need to stand together in a world that is split up by more than just physical borders. As people, we naturally want to make friends based on things we have in common and a deep need to feel needed. We are always looking for a sense of belonging, even if we are not aware of it. People often form groups or clans out of this, and discrimination based on religion, caste, culture, and ideas happens. But before we can be ourselves, we need to stand together, not only as a family and with our loved ones, but also with people around the worldThis is precisely what Global Family Day is all about. Every year, this important day is celebrated to remind people in the US and around the world that they need to treat their global families with respect and keep the promises they make to them. To get past prejudice and conflict and build a sense of understanding and family among people around the world, this important event is held every year on January 1. Perhaps one of the questions on your mind is about the history or background of Global Family Day. If so, you’re lucky because we will tell you about it.


The History of World Family Day


The ideas behind Global Family Day came from two classic books that everyone will never forget. The first story for kids is “One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000,” written by Steve Diamond and Alan Silverstein. In a few words, the story imagines a world where everyone gets along and is at peace. It’s about how, on January 1, people choose to forget about their differences and celebrate their sense of brotherhood. The book is against war and the differences people make to be different from others. The other book, “Tree Island: A Novel for the New Millennium,” by American author and activist Linda Grover, talks about how January 1 becomes a big day for everyone to join hands and join the global family. World Family Day is a relatively new idea—it wasn’t even thought of until the 21st century. But it has a vast meaning and importance that doesn’t end in time or space. Maybe you’re unsure what this day has to do with you, your family, or your kids. There are a lot of reasons to honour Global Family Day.



When is Family Day around the world?


There is a lot of overlap between International Family Day and Globally Family Day. Both events have some of the same ideas and ideals but come from different places. The idea for International Family Day came from a resolution passed by the UN General Assembly in 1994. It was meant to be a day to remember how vital families and societies are in the world. The project examines various parts of family life and how they affect society. On May 15, people all over the world celebrate it in a lot of different ways. Some people plan workshops to get the word out about how important family is, while others set up seminars and campaigns.


Why and how celebrating Global Family Day is essential.


Bringing People Together—One of the most important parts of celebrating Global Family Day is bringing people together despite their differences. The day is a chance to celebrate being together and the idea that we are all human. Little kids will learn how to deal with minor disagreements when we celebrate this day at home. These are disagreements they will face in school and the workplace. One of the main goals of Global Family Day is to encourage love and acceptance.


Promoting cultural exchange


Celebrating a World Day of Peace gives people from all walks of life the chance to learn and adopt new traditions and ways of life. But it gives us a steady way to broaden our thinking so that the next generation doesn’t fall for the narrow-mindedness of the past. It’s important to remember where you came from and your roots, but it’s also essential to learn from your mistakes and fix them so they don’t happen again.


Strengthens Family Bonds


As parents, this day is a great reason to make time for our grandchildren. Getting close to your child as a parent or grandparent only takes time and work. Today is the best day of the year to prioritize being a family and enjoying the company of your loved ones. It is an important dinner, like Thanksgiving, but we should be thankful for each other and world peace. Having kids do International Family Day crafts like painting, making posters, and simple drawings is a fun way to keep them busy and interested on this day. Saying International Family Day quotes can help parents and guardians remember how important that day is. It will make the event even more important.


Making people more aware of global issues


 The best way to solve a problem peacefully is to bring it up in a safe and supportive setting. Some international issues can be discussed and shown on TV and radio to raise awareness. Schools and other places of learning can hold these kinds of programs to teach kids about problems in the world and how to solve them peacefully. 


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