Best Diagnostic Center in Trivandrum As Per Service & Quality
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Best Diagnostic Center in Trivandrum As Per Service & Quality

A diagnostic center is where we get diagnosed with the illness we face. During treatment, the doctors often ask you to get different tests done. The reports from the diagnostic centers after a test is conducted help you with further treatment. Therefore diagnostic centers play an essential role in treating any illness.

Thus, it is vital to choose a diagnostic center carefully to get the tests done. Why so? Because many diagnostic centers fail to meet the patients’ expectations in terms of service and quality. HOW? They don’t attain the patients properly, and people performing tests lack expertise.

Below, we will discuss in detail how to choose the best diagnostic center in Trivandrum

What makes a diagnostic center best?

An Ideal diagnostic center refers to a center that can conduct every test ideally with accuracy and the optimum remedial suggestions. It is only possible if the centers have dedicated labs for the testing.

Make sure the reports are accurate.

To get an accurate report, the latest machines and technologies are required. So, before choosing a diagnostic center, one should be sure about the devices and the technology that the labs use.

Most Things You Should Consider Before Visiting a Pathology Lab in Trivandrum

The ability to receive reports in time is always better.

A simple test with a clear report isn’t enough. Receiving the test results on time is crucial in the treatment. Delay in notification means further delay in the treatment process. So, on-time report delivery plays an important role.

Modes of report collection

It is not always possible for the patients to wait for the collection of the reports. Therefore the diagnostic centers should be flexible in delivering the messages. For example, labs can send the notifications to the patients through SMS alerts or upload them to Their website. Patients can sign in using the use of a unique ID and password, and See the report anytime.

Getting immediate analysis of the reports

Getting an immediate doctor’s assistant right after the report can be significant. It is always advantageous to select an institute that offers immediate assistance from a doctor. Without delay, patients will be able to be informed about the treatment.

Comfortable environment for the patients

It is also essential to maintain proper hygiene at the centers. Another important concern is the temperature maintained before and while performing a test. For example, while conducting an ECG test, if the room temperature is too cold, there is a high chance of getting a false report.

Test your knowledge in a relaxed manner.

When a patient takes tests, they can be prone to be anxious. Therefore, it is the job of the personnel to calm the patient. Ensure they behave appropriately and are relaxed before the test is carried out. And at the same time, an expert must perform the examination. For example, if an infant needs to get a blood test done and an inexperienced person performs the test, it will lead to multiple pricking of the needle and cause pain to the baby.

Good if provide with home collection service

Some patients are immobile. They can’t visit the labs to get a test done. Tests that are possible to perform at home like a collection of blood samples and ECG, labs should provide the facility to get the tests done in-home comfort.

Collective lab services

Added to the points above, the center should contain labs, including the Department of Pathology, Cardiology, Radiology, and Neurology.

What makes Skylab lab the most effective Diagnostic center of Trivandrum in the quality of service and customer satisfaction?

We have fully operational centers with superior technological equipment and facilities, where experts will take utmost care of the patients. 

 To as the best diagnostic center in Trivandrum. We are located at Pettah and Paruthikuzhi.

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