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Annual Health Checkups Jun 20
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Annual Health Checkups—Are They Necessary or An Exaggeration!

A person’s health goals may vary, so being healthy can have many meanings. Some people desire to lose weight in order to look better, while others are looking to gain weight to feel better.  

Health experts at Skylab diagnostics center in Trivandrum believe that the definition of health extends beyond being disease-free. It means psychological, physical, and social well-being. 

Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, genetic traits, clean environments, healthy relationships, and regular checkups are all important factors in your health.

Routine assessment of your risk factors for different medical conditions, screening for diseases like cancer, and assessing your lifestyle habits eventually help you stay on top of your health while reducing your risk of chronic/life-threatening diseases.

It’s better to prevent illness/diseases than to have them treated. Regular health checks are important. Although most people only visit a doctor once a year for their annual medical examination, these are important if the person is healthy.

Please keep reading to learn more about the significance of annual health checks, how often you need to get one, who needs them, their benefits, and much more. 

What is an Annual Health Checkup?

An annual health checkup is a yearly visit by a personal healthcare provider to evaluate an individual’s overall health. This is also known by the names routine physical exam, preventive, or master health checkup.

Annual Master Health Checkups in Trivandrum have been disputed for a while now, especially regarding their necessity for healthy individuals. 

Regular visits to the doctor for health checks can help you identify the root cause of any medical condition and will also help you choose the best treatment option that suits your needs. Without further delay, let’s discuss the reasons why regular checkups are important.



Significance Annual Health Checkups

It’s easy to forget the many risk factors that can cause illness. The significant factors contributing to a healthy body include eating well, living the right way (avoiding risk factors), and getting regular exercise. Not everyone will be able to keep up with these positive factors, much less maintain them consistently over a lifetime. It is therefore important to have a well-checkup each year.


Getting an overview of the state of your body’s functions helps to spot any anomalies before they worsen, show symptoms, and become significant risks. Identifying problems allows you to get timely treatment, which may – Reduce complications that could result in a loss of life, as well as help You can save money on healthcare expenses.


Medical experts said: Generally, people should try for full-body health checkups at least once a year, without any signs of disease. The tests and diagnostic methods will differ depending on the age of individuals and risk factors for disease. This may be ascertained by individual lifestyle habits, health history, and family history. This is particularly the case with diseases that have obvious risk factors, such as genetic inheritance, stress exposure, & being a smoker, to name just a few factors. 



Skylab Diagnostics Center is committed to providing comprehensive, one-stop diagnostic services in Trivandrum in the areas of health promotion and wellness screening. Because everyone is different, we want to provide a “personality health guide.” Each patient is unique, so our screening programs provide guidance and counseling to help you take control at home.


A team of specialists conducts health screenings, utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and timely services. Online reports can be accessed within 24 hours.


The health checkup starts with multidimensional profiling, identifying risk factors of multidimensional diseases in every individual. These include lifestyle habits, such as consumer behaviors, work stress, alcohol intake, insomnia, etc. 

Past medical history, including the history of similar illnesses, will be considered and recorded as essential data that is used to develop a proper medical screening plan tailored for each patient.     

A preliminary health checkup may include a measurement of blood pressure and pulse. This is performed by internal medicine specialists. To check for blood disorders, blood tests might be performed on body mass, cholesterol, glucose, blood sugar, and blood levels. the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and Future paralysis risks

Other tests include uric acid, bone mineral density, and lung X-rays. As needed, specific tests may be performed to assess the risk of certain diseases, such as cancer, both for men and for women. These tests can be blood tests for prostate cancer in men and liver tests for colon cancer in women.


Thin-Prep may diagnose cervical cancer, while a digital mammogram diagnoses breast cancer. Also, as we age, more attention must be given to the risk of heart disease in India.    

In addition to using the most recent diagnostic technologies, dialogue is used in which patients are made fully understand the results. Skylab pathology lab emphasizes this aspect to ensure patients are given relevant recommendations to enable them to take active measures in improving their health. 


Benefits of Regular Checkups


There are many benefits to regularly visiting your doctor about your health. Preventing diseases is one of the most important benefits. 

It is important to screen for risk factors and other health issues before starting preventive well-being screening.

A comprehensive health exam is also useful for early diagnosis and treatment, especially when it comes to cancer treatment.

The medical checkups and the lab tests that are performed will vary depending on the person’s age, gender, and lifestyle.

  • Lower your chance of getting sick
  • Early detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions or diseases
  • Increase your chances of treatment and cure
  • Minimize the chance of complications
  • Increase health and life expectancy
  • Avoid expensive medical services to reduce healthcare costs.

Health checks foster a stronger patient-doctor relationship and allow physicians to encourage healthier habits through patient education.


What to Expect During a Periodic Health Checkup?

During your medical checkup, there are several things that you can expect to happen. The health care provider will ask you about your medical history, including family history, past immunizations, health history, lifestyle, and habits. A physical exam will also be done depending on your age, gender, and what is found in the medical record. Screening tests will also be administered according to diagnostic practice guidelines and age-specific charts for general population health screening. 


A health checkup may help identify a variety of health conditions so that they can be treated quickly. Annual checks are actually unnecessary for healthy individuals, and they are generally not effective from a cost perspective. Each person is different, and taking a personalized approach to your medical examinations may turn out to be more beneficial to your health care. 


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