The difference between anemia and iron deficiency
anemia Jun 18
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There is no iron? Know Your Iron
Iron deficiency, which affects 1/3 of women worldwide, is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency.  Iron deficiency symptoms include fatigue, hair loss, and brain fog. More susceptible to the common cold/flu, cold intolerance, and many other symptoms.
The difference between anemia and iron deficiency
A routine blood test can detect anemia by checking your hemoglobin levels (Hb).Iron deficiency is a condition that can be detected early and treated to avoid anemia.

How do you diagnose iron deficiency?
It measures serum ferritin. Early detection of iron deficiency can help avoid blood transfusions if anemia is present.

A patient may experience many symptoms associated with an iron deficiency if the serum ferritin level falls below 30ng/mL. We can only ensure that our bodies have sufficient iron if we have serum ferritin levels over 100ng/mL.

Women at the highest risk
Regular menses are the most common reason women are at the most significant risk for iron deficiency. We lose 0.5mg iron for every 1mL blood loss. A woman with heavy menses may lose 500mg of iron annually for a year. Iron deficiency is a common problem in women, with only 3% of their bodies having iron.

How can you increase iron levels in your body?
Red meat, fish, and seafood are the best sources of iron. It helps increase acidity, which is necessary for iron absorption.

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