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Stroke Feb 21
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Stroke – Assessing Risk symptoms, diagnosis and Treatment


A stroke occurs due to an abrupt loss of brain blood flow that could be caused by the blockage or rupture in an artery that reaches the brain. A stroke caused by the blockage of an artery is known as ischemia, and a similar condition resulting from the breaking of the artery is termed hemorrhagic. Both of these conditions can hinder the function of brain cells which can in turn cause harm to the body part the brain cells are responsible for. A person who has a stroke could lose their vision and speech strength, muscle strength or memory. When this happens some people recover, while others may end up losing their lives. There are various centers for diagnosis where you can undergo a series of tests to identify the possibility of suffering a stroke.


Assessing Risk Factors:


It is vital to determine the risk factors for stroke early to avoid the occurrence of stroke. Although the chances of having a stroke increase with age but strokes are a possibility at any age. To determine the risks, regular monitoring of blood pressure needs to be performed and kept at an appropriate level. The focus should be on maintaining the cholesterol levels and also assessing the weight of the body regularly and keeping it under the patient’s size and age. Patients with diabetes should undergo periodic checkups to ensure regular blood sugar levels and smoking cigarettes is also recommended to be cut down. There are numerous labs or Skylab diagnostic  in Trivandrum which can perform regular tests to determine the potential risk of stroke elements. If detected early you can prevent stroke.




Stroke can occur at any time anyplace. Therefore, those around the sufferer should be aware of signs to determine if the patient has suffered a stroke. Patients may feel numbness in their muscles, legs or the face region, especially on the opposite side of their body. They may have difficulty communicating or understanding and may have difficulty seeing. They may experience dizziness and feel an absence of coordination. They might also suffer from extreme headaches for no cause. In these situations, the family members or relatives of the patient should call the emergency number of the hospital to seek immediate medical care.




Beyond the symptoms and signs, emergency physicians immediately perform tests to determine the reason for the stroke. As long as the cause is discovered it will be difficult to determine the cause of the stroke. These tests comprise neurological examinations and tests to determine if there is the presence of blood clotting, bleeding and tests to determine the function of the brain. Computerized imaging or CT scan, Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI is also carried out to determine the severity of, the type, and where the stroke occurred. Echocardiograms and electrocardiograms are performed to detect any blood clots in the cardiac region which could have travelled towards the brain.




If a stroke is triggered by blood clotting, treatment is done using the drug that breaks down clots, also known as the blood thinner as well as surgery that expands the blood vessel. In the event of a bleeding stroke, therapy involves the use of medications to ensure normal blood clotting and to reduce swelling in the brain. Surgery is used to eliminate blood from the brain and repair the damaged blood vessels.

Patients are required to be aware of certain limitations during their postoperative time and might experience some disabilities. But, with a prompt assessment of the stroke’s cause and medical help, patients will be capable of overcoming the life-threatening situation.


Diagnostic and tests for Stroke Risk Assessment



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