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How to Reverse Diabetes?


Steps to Reverse Type-2 & Prediabetes


Diabetes is a medical condition that causes blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the body are extremely high. The reason for this is that the body isn’t producing enough insulin or making insulin efficiently. It’s an incurable illness but it is possible to reverse some types of diabetes. Let’s look at ways it is possible to treat diabetes in a natural way using the right diet and exercise.


Is It Possible to Reverse Diabetes?


Let’s be clear about one thing. There are many types of diabetes that cannot be reversed. It is possible to manage and manage certain forms of diabetes by using insulin shots and eating a balanced diet. It is also possible to reverse certain kinds of diabetes, and bring the patient into Remission (you don’t take medication or insulin, and blood sugar levels are within a healthy range). There are three main kinds of diabetes. They are:


  • Type-1 diabetic


This is an auto-immune condition that occurs when your immune system targets the cells that make insulin. Therefore, insulin isn’t made, which results in the blood sugar levels to rise. It is typically seen in young children and adults.



It’s the most prevalent form of diabetes where the body develops resistance to insulin and stops using insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. The majority of cases occur in adults, however due to the shifts in lifestyle the number of adolescents and children are being diagnosed with the condition.


  • Gestational diabetes


It can be detected in pregnant women who have not had children. It usually goes away after the baby’s birth but it could develop to become type-2 diabetes late on in the course of.

There is a third condition known as “prediabetes” in which the blood glucose levels are unusually high , but not as excessive as it is to be considered diabetes. If not properly controlled it could lead to type-2 diabetes.


What Kind of Diabetes Can Be Reversed?



If you’ve been diagnosed as having prediabetes, there’s positive news. By making a few changes to your diet and lifestyle you can reverse condition permanently and eliminate diabetes in its early stages. In the same way, people with type-2 diabetes are also able to reverse the condition with minor changes to their way of life. But, type-2 diabetes can’t be completely reversed. It may be put into remission , but there is always the possibility that it will come back. Therefore, once your diabetes is gone keep your current regular life style.

Many people also seek “how to reverse diabetes type 1” however, unfortunately, type 1 diabetes cannot be reversed. Patients are required to regularly take insulin shots in order to live. However, it is sure to aid patients if they adhere to an active way of life. Gestational diabetes is manageable however there is always a chance of it progressing into type 2 diabetes.


How to Reverse Diabetes At Home?


The primary aspect for reversing diabetes losing excess weight. If you’re looking to reverse your diabetes in a hurry regular exercise and eating a balanced diet will be beneficial. The ways that the disease can be reversed include:


Change your diet


It is crucial for diabetics to adhere to an exact diet to prevent the development of the disease and live a healthy life. We’ve provided a checklist of the most important nutrients and the healthy foods which can aid in getting the nutrients you need. Here’s how to reverse diabetes by eating a healthy diet

  • Protein Proteins can be described as one of the vital aspects of a healthy and fit body. They aid in cell repair and also making new cells. The most nutritious sources of protein for people with diabetes include eggs chicken breasts, almonds milk, cottage cheese fish, lentils, quinoa and peanut butter,. Avoid processed and fatty meats like sausages, deep-fried salmon and fried tofu. A daily intake of 1 g/kg body weight is recommended for people suffering from diabetes.
  • Carbohydrates In the case of diabetic patients carbs are among the most essential nutrients. They can help you lose weight and supply energy to the body. However, only low-carbohydrate food items are healthy, so stay clear of high-carb foods. A few healthy carbohydrate sources include bananas, oats and sweet potato, citrus kidney beans, apples chickpeas and quinoa as well as grapefruits. In the ideal scenario, diabetics must consume less than fifty grams carbohydrates daily for the best outcomes.
  • Fats The fats we consume are unsaturated and saturated. Unsaturated fats are an option that is healthy. Studies have demonstrated food with healthy fats could assist in preventing insulin resistance which is the primary factor in the development of type 2 diabetes. Beware of trans fats at all cost because they have been linked to the increase in the resistance to insulin. Most food sources for trans fats include fried food and processed snacks margarine, margarine, and so on.
  • Vegetables and fruits: If you are seeking ways to combat diabetes by following an all-vegetarian diet, then fruits and vegetables are the best to help. They are packed with macronutrients as well as micronutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. Additionally they are also rich in fiber, making them a great food choice for people suffering from diabetes and in the process of reversing the effects of the disease. Be careful to not eat fruits in excess since some fruits are high in sugar. The most nutritious fruits and vegetables that diabetics must eat include kale, spinach, mushroom, tomato and cauliflower capsicum brinjal, bitter gourd and apples. citrus, kiwi papaya, and others.
  • Alcoholic drinks Patients with diabetes should stay clear of drinks that are high in calories as well as high in sugar. Drink plenty of water each day and at least 4-5 litres. In addition non-sweetened tea, lime water, unsweetened coffee and coconut water are all healthy drinks. Visit SKylab clinical laboratory for more knowledge the process of Diabetes treatment within Trivandrum.


In the following table, we have given the diet plan to any diabetic patient:

Protein 15%-20 percent of your daily calories
Carbohydrates 50% to 60 percent of your daily calories
Fibres 20-30 grams of fiber per throughout the day
Cholesterol 200 milligrams per day
Fats 25%-35% of your daily calories
Saturated Fats Do not exceed 7percent of your daily calories
Unsaturated Fats Polyunsaturated fats 10 percent or less than 10% of your daily calories. Monounsaturated fats can make up to 20 percent of your calories
Sugar Don’t drink sugar.
Salt In limited quantity. Try to avoid if you can.
Alcohol Try it every now and then If your blood sugar levels are within the control

P.S The daily calorie intake is deemed at 2200 calories.

A few tips for a healthy diet that can reverse diabetes include:

  1. Do not fry your food items. Instead bake, boil, bake and roast the food you want to cook.
  2. Include low-fat or fat-free dairy products.
  3. Make use of vegetable oils instead dairy or animal fats such as butter.
  4. Avoid eating pickled food, MSG, ketchup, salty snacks and canned meats or vegetables.
  5. Minimise eating desserts.


Get enough sleep


Everyone requires a good night’s sleep however, if you’re seeking to treat diabetes it is essential. It is clear that there’s a correlation between sleep deprivation and elevated blood sugar levels. Experts agree that sleeping is as important for an overall healthy body as exercise and diet. A sleep duration of for less than five hours, or longer than 10 hours in a night has been proven to raise the level of sugar. Here are some helpful tips to help you have a good night’s sleep as well as reverse the effects of diabetes in your home

  • Find out if you suffer from sleep apnoea As per the findings from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), 7 out of 10 people who suffer from type 2 diabetes have a condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) that causes breathing problems in the night and causes less quality sleep. Take a sleep test and, if you’re identified as having sleep apnoea take the necessary treatment.
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime: Diabetic patients should follow a routine to get ready for bed. While it is applicable to the population, those who are trying to reverse diabetic condition should adhere to it at all times, both on weekdays and weekends.
  • Do not use electronic devices prior to sleeping: Using a smartphone in the evening can result in sleep lack. The bright blue light that comes from electronic devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones and others. could cause an increase of insulin resistance according to an PLOS one study. Additionally, a study published in JAMA International Medicine found that exposure to blue light during the night by electronic devices can increase the chance of weight gain. This can hinder the reverse of diabetes. So, it is recommended to use electronic gadgets about 1-2 hours before going to bed in order to get an enjoyable night’s rest.


Do regular physics exercises



Regular exercise for the body can aid diabetics in managing the levels of blood sugar as well as weight. Exercises can also prevent the growth of type-2 prediabetes in people with diabetes. Here are some exercises that can help you shed weight and reverse the condition naturally.

  • Walking If your not looking to commit to an exercise routine, then simple walking may help. Brisk strolling for 30 mins per all week, every day can be a boon. Walking can help patients suffering from diabetes reduce their BMI, blood pressure and HbA1c levels.
  • cycling: Patients with diabetes frequently suffer from arthritis or joint pain, particularly those who are older. Lifting weights for a long time can have a an adverse impact on joints. Cycling is the ideal exercise for people suffering from lower joint discomfort. It increases endurance, strength and aerobic fitness, and while doing so, it puts less strain on your body.
  • Swimming The swimming pool and the other aquatic exercises are additional exercises for diabetics. They reduce the stress on joints and are extremely beneficial to improve general fitness and health of the body.
  • Aerobic dance Aerobic exercises like Zumba incorporates dance and aerobic exercises to provide a vigorous exercise. It is among the most effective exercises to lose excess weight and maintaining an ideal blood sugar levels.
  • yoga and Pilates: Regular yoga has been proven to aid type 2 diabetics manage their cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and weight in a simple and efficient manner. Pilates is designed to increase the strength of your core, but it can also aid in improving glucose levels. Regularly practicing yoga and Pilates can definitely help you move ahead in stopping diabetes type 2.


Make a change to a healthier life style


What can you do to stop diabetes forever? First step to make changes to your routine and lifestyle. The adoption of healthy habits and the breaking unhealthy habits will be the first thing your therapist will recommend should you decide to enroll in”how to reverse diabetes naturally in 30 days “how to reverse diabetes naturally in 30 days” course. Here are some good habits that diabetics should follow to reverse their diabetes, without medication.

  1. Quit smoking cigarettes: According to the CDC report, smokers who are active have a 30-40% higher chance of developing diabetes than smokers who do not. If you’re looking to reverse the effects of diabetes, stopping smoking cigarettes is the most effective thing you can do.
  2. Stay hydrated Take plenty of fluids to help regulate the blood sugar level.
  3. Stress reduction: Stress can be one of the major reasons people suffer from diabetes. Beware of stress that is not needed and make sure you take some time to relax. Find therapies and join support groups.
  4. Stay active. Do not sit at the same spot for an extended period of time. If you work in a position that demands a lot of sitting make sure you break for 4-5 minutes each hour.
  • Get in shape for minimum 150 minutes per week, which is equivalent to 30 minutes per day, five days each week.
  • Include moderate workouts like walking, aerobics, or cycling.
  • Keep an appropriate BMI set-point that is based on your height.



Here are some commonly asked questions about how to treat diabetes.

Q.1 Is diabetes a condition that can be reversed in a natural way?

A It is possible to reverse some types of diabetes without medications.

Q.2 What food items can reverse the effects of diabetes?

A Foods that are low in carbs high in fiber, low in starch, and high in fibre are thought to be the most effective for treating diabetes at home naturally. Examples include citrus fruits, tomatoes greens, beans, whole lentils and grains as well as fish.

Q.3 How can walking help reverse the effects of diabetes?

A: Walking every day is among the most effective exercises for diabetics who want to treat the condition. It regulates blood sugar levels as well as improves the metabolism of the body.

Q.4 What is the best type of exercise for people with diabetes?

The walking is regarded as the most effective and easiest exercise to reverse the effects of diabetes naturally. In addition swimming, aerobics Zumba cycling, yoga and Zumba are considered to be very beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. To learn more, consult your endocrinologist located in Trivandrum.

Q.5 What is the most effective way to reverse the effects of diabetes?

A: As type-2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance within our bodies, most effective approach to treat the problem is to address the root of the problem, i.e. increasing the resistance to insulin in the body via exercising, diet or medications.



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