HbA1c, Glycated Hemoglobin

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  • Hba1c, Glycated Hemoglobin
    • Hba1c, Glycated Hemoglobin
    • Estimated Average Glucose (Eag)


The A1C test can be regarded as a standard blood test used to determine types 1 and 2 diabetes. If you have diabetes, the test can also assess how you manage your blood sugar levels. The A1C test is also known as the glycosylated hemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C, or HbA1c test.

A1C test results reflect your blood sugar level in the past 2 to 3 months. Mainly it is the A1C test determines the percent of hemoglobin proteins in your blood that has been coated in sugar (glycated). Hemoglobin proteins found in red blood cells carry oxygen.

The more high the A1C levels are, the less effective the blood sugar control you have and the greater your chance of developing complications from diabetes.

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The reason it’s done

Results of the A1C test could help your doctor or any other health professional:

  • Diagnose prediabetes. If you have prediabetes, you are at an increased risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
  • Diagnose Type 1 and Type two diabetics. To confirm a diagnosis of diabetes, Your doctor may examine your results from two tests administered on different dates -either the two A1C tests or an A1C test, along with other tests, like the random or fasting tests for blood sugar.
  • Check your treatment program for diabetes. The result of the initial A1C test can also help establish your base A1C level. The test is repeated regularly to keep track of your diabetes treatment program.

How often you should take the A1C test depends on the type of diabetes you have, the treatment plan you’re following, and how well you’re meeting your treatment objectives and your primary physician’s clinical judgment. For instance A1C tests are recommended: A1C test is recommended for:

  • Every year, If you have prediabetes
  • Once a year, if you don’t have glucose, your blood sugar levels are always within the range you want.
  • Each year, you should visit four times when you use insulin or have difficulty maintaining your blood sugar levels within your desired range

You might require more frequent A1C tests if your physician alters your diabetes treatment regimen or you start taking the latest diabetes medication.



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