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At home blood collection Feb 07
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The world is constantly changing and has been changing faster since 2020. For example, the Covid-19 test has led to a standard routine for all. We are all familiar with taking tests now. The pandemic has “activated” a new population to digital channels, from scheduling appointments for tests to using the Covid-19 certificate app. Patients are consumers and increasingly demand that health providers offer the same quality of care they receive elsewhere.
The attitudes towards health and lifestyle are changing, shaping the trends in diagnostics, generating new opportunities, and generating the development of new technologies.
1. Digitalisation. Global investment in digital health is predicted to exceed a trillion euros in 2025. Experiences for consumers are becoming increasingly digital all over the world. Customers expect 24-hour access to healthcare services. Some diagnostics companies, such as Skylab, permit patients to purchase tests online. Lab. online and Direct lab Online Lab. online (Trivandrum) and Direct lab Online (Paruthikuzhi) provide tests for diagnostics directly to consumers and provide seamless, customer-centric experiences. We ensure that the tests are safe and straightforward and give the results online with all the information the patient requires. Complete diagnosis in sitting on your couch. Very practical. This is only the beginning. The results of tests will be more useful soon, appearing in a set of tailored actions and nutrition tips to help patients reach their goals for health.
Digitalisation also allows businesses to provide monitoring services, which will enable them to move from a single-time test to a follow-up model. Furthermore, Skylab Medical Laboratory Trivandrum helps healthcare professionals digitally record their jobs using online tools like sky labs (Pettah) and Paruthikuzhi (Trivandrum Kovalam Road). Doctors can request diagnostic tests and analyses for patients and review test results.
2. Personalisation. Thanks to new technology, diagnostic tests can now be personalized with fingerprints. Genetic diagnostic is a good illustration. The market for DNA sequencing is predicted to grow to 21 billion dollars in 2024. We may soon be able to predict chronic illnesses like cardiovascular issues, cancer, and type-1 diabetes. Next-generation sequencing will allow us to study each unique human genome and how it impacts the individual patient. The people will finally “own” their health – since treatment and prevention can be customized. Skylab Medical Laboratory is currently working on translating this technology into helpful new solutions for health professionals, patients, and consumers.
3. Prevention. The outbreak has made us conscious that it is essential to living a healthy way of life. However, platforms that provide both lifestyle advice and diagnostic services are rare. When you combine the two, it gives you a complete package of individual, customized guidance. In the case of diabetes, the quicker you become aware of the issue, the faster you can make changes to your life – and the more likely you are to be well. Skylab Laboratory is planning to improve Directlab Online with more health-related content. Direct lab Online platform with health screenings and lifestyle programs. The Skylab clinical Laboratory Digital Innovation Team works alongside our Trivandrum laboratory team to develop these programs.
4. Decentralisation through the Diagnostics @ home. Tests for diagnosing are a part of the understanding of your health. Patients who self-sample their blood at home will create blood sample points. We are currently developing this type of at-home diagnostics for our patients at Skylab. For instance, for Trivandrum, we are working to provide a new experience with blood sampling for our clients. We will swap the traditional blood draw for a more efficient at-home blood collection. The majority of people want greater security over their health. This service allows individuals to self-sample at any time.
Through translating these possibilities into practical services, here at Skylab, we do our part in making this world a better place.

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