Get Senior Citizen Health Checkups packages for men at reasonable prices.
Get Senior Citizen Health Checkups Feb 15
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Get Senior Citizen Health Checkups packages for men at reasonable prices.

Health issues are increasing. Changes in the weather, unhealthy lifestyles, bad diet, pollution, and more. All contribute to the increase of diseases among people. Males, especially seniors, are often the victims of these illnesses that can make their lives difficult.

The aging process is associated with many diseases, but with the proper medical treatment and care, it is possible to live an enjoyable and healthy life. But what happens is quite the opposite! Senior citizens who aren’t financially secure face many health issues because they cannot absorb all the minerals and vitamins essential for the body.

A study conducted by the National Sample Survey Organization has found that older people suffer more health issues than others of the same age group (2006).

The most frequent ailments that older men suffer from include:

  • Heart or cardiovascular disease
  • Circulatory illnesses
  • Cancer
  • Bone weak point
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease

All of them are easily prevented with regularly scheduled health checks.

Why is it that full-body health check-ups are essential for older men?

As humans age, their immune systems weaken. The immune system within our bodies assists in fighting against diseases. Weak immune systems aren’t equipped to fight off diseases, which is why we see older people often getting sick. The body can’t identify the damage to cells and repair them, so elderly people are more prone to numerous diseases that a healthy, young person could easily cure.

Even having an insufficient immune system, it is possible to live an enjoyable life. One only requires timely health checks to identify any serious illness and a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, a comfortable environment to stay in, and much more.

Even if an older person seems healthy, they may suffer from an illness since they do not have an immune system. Thus, one must make an appointment for a comprehensive body examination for older people.

The tests included in the standard full-body examination for senior citizens are:

Iron studies:  Most people over 65 are deficient in iron within their bodies. This is because of the insufficient intake of vital minerals and vitamins that regulate levels of iron in the body. Iron deficiency is the main reason behind anemia, the weakening potential for falling, and more.

Uric Acid Test: Uric Acid tests determine the uric acid level in the blood. Uric acid levels that are high lead to Gout. Also, in urine tests, the amount of uric acid is assessed to determine the reason for kidney stones or the likelihood of developing stones. The majority of people older than 50 are afflicted with Gout, which is called inflammation arthritis. Uric acid tests can help the person know whether a senior suffers from Gout or how the effects affect the body.

Lipid Profile Senior men are always at risk of developing heart problems and stroke. The Lipid test helps in identifying the cholesterol levels within the body. If the cholesterol levels are high, it is recommended by the doctor to go to a healthier diet.

The thyroid profile test can help determine the state of the thyroid gland on the patient’s neck. Older men have less secretion of thyroxine. These are the primary causes of slowness, weight gain, and body pains.

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