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Regular blood tests play an important role in detecting and monitoring numerous diseases, but it is difficult to locate a facility that can provide accurate results. The technological advancements aid health care providers in making diagnostic procedures simple for patients.

Laboratory tests are frequently performed as part of routine health examinations to detect minor or major health changes. In addition, they help physicians diagnose various medical conditions, predict disease severity, evaluate treatments, and monitor the progression of diseases.

Routine blood tests are one of the most reliable methods to monitor one’s overall physical health. Routine testing enables you to observe the incremental changes in your body over time and enables you to make accurate decisions regarding your health.

Home lab tests offer a wide range of services, including a thorough cardiac profile examination, HbA1c testing for diabetes, and numerous other tests for various diseases. Obtaining a lab test at home is much more convenient for the patient, and there are numerous additional benefits to this practice.

10 Reasons Why Home Lab Tests Are Now the Norm

The Lab Testing Service at Home helps patients resolve a variety of issues. These are the types of patients:

Patients who are bedridden
Patients without access to transportation services.
Those who prefer at-home sample collection for personal reasons
Those unwilling to sacrifice their convenience and comfort
Individually, for patients with extremely demanding work schedules.

This is why blood tests at home are becoming the norm for those who are tired of waiting in lengthy lines at labs, as well as those who cannot visit hospitals or labs for whatever reason. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, more patients are opting to have blood tests at home, making remote blood collection and testing standard practice.

Why You Should Take a Laboratory Exam at Home

Consider the following advantages of conducting blood tests at home before making a decision if you are still debating the more conventional option of visiting a diagnostic facility for a blood test:

1. Individualized Attention and a Relaxing Environment

The diagnostic laboratories utilize innovative blood test kits that capture a volumetrically accurate blood sample on the absorbent tip of the device. This method is less traumatic and distressing for the patients. A lab test at home service can enhance your experience by providing a more convenient and individualized service at your doorstep.
Calling us is the most convenient method to receive a customized lab test at your convenience. According to the agreed-upon schedule, professionals will arrive at your residence in 45 to 50 minutes, allowing you the freedom and convenience to receive the necessary supervision.

2. Simplicity of Access

Suppose it takes several hours to travel a great distance to reach an exceptional diagnostic facility. In this situation, the blood testing service at home is preferable to travelling for hours to reach the labs and diagnostic centers in heavy traffic. You need a phone and a reliable internet connection to call the diagnostic center of your choice and schedule an appointment.

Imagining what it would be like to use public transportation, drive your vehicle to the lab, and become stuck in traffic can be extremely taxing due to the high volume of traffic. In addition, the commute drains all of your energy, and the tension level can be especially draining.

3. A secure choice

The collection of blood samples at home is a safer and more convenient option for you and your healthcare providers. The healthcare professionals who provide the service are outfitted with the necessary equipment and supplies. In addition, they adhere to all regulations established by the health care authorities, ensuring there is adequate infection control and no contamination.

The remote blood collection technique prioritizes the patient. When necessary, a few healthcare providers and diagnostic centres dispatch phlebotomists to patients’ residences to perform laboratory testing. So, to make it easier, Skylab Laboratory Medical is equipped to dispatch healthcare specialists to your doorstep to collect lab samples at the patient’s convenience, at home or office, or at any desired location of the patient.

4. Contributes to Complete Secrecy and Privacy

Complementing the aforementioned advantages, lab testing at home facilitates the collection of blood, urine, and other samples. It permits you to maintain greater seclusion than if you were to visit a clinic for these procedures. You do not know who you will encounter at the clinics. Using this service, you won’t have to worry about running into anyone and having to engage in an unpleasant conversation.

Other than that, there is a social stigma associated with STDs. Patients with these diseases (or other comparable diseases) prefer to keep their disease status and identities confidential. They can maintain complete anonymity as they will have no contact with anyone other than their immediate family.

5. Rapid and Accurate Outcomes

At home, a blood test for diagnostic purposes can be administered with ease. The lab test at home employs DHA-certified professionals. The priority of the home lab testing services is ensuring patient safety, accuracy, and speedy results. Therefore, any necessary test can be performed rapidly, and the results can be displayed within a short period of time to facilitate those who wish to treat or cure a specific disease. Therefore, it is wise to contemplate this service.

6. Category-Based Test Formats

From performing CBC to many more tests, lab testing at home functions as an all-rounder. It is not limited to a small number of tests, and multiple tests have been developed to implement this concept. As the world evolves, more and more tests are made available for home administration. The laboratories also facilitate the process. The test sample is collected at your residence and delivered to our laboratories, which adhere to the highest standards. In addition, they are evaluated, and reports are provided.

7. Advantage

Clinical trials will always be an indispensable component of research in all eras. Remote sampling facilitates the collection of samples from trial participants who cannot visit the trial centre for any reason, which is advantageous for both the trial participant and the researcher. After tests have been performed, patients can receive lab reports according to their convenience and preference. This method is appealing to individuals who value convenience and wish to save time.

8. Covid-19 Safeness

The world has changed substantially over the past few months, and some of these changes will endure. As we are all aware of how COVID-19 has disrupted everyday life, we must remain vigilant and take all precautions. Using a private lab testing service reduces the risk of contracting a virus by keeping you away from infected individuals.

9. Reduces anxiety

Many people become apprehensive or restless in hospitals, and as a result, they may panic. Visiting a diagnostic centre is typically not the best option for them. Staying in a familiar environment (i.e., the patient’s home) can help anxious patients remain tranquil during blood tests at home. At home, your loved ones are there to motivate you and provide emotional support. Their existence is sufficient for the mental health of patients.

10. Saves time for occupied individuals

Nowadays, a hectic schedule is typical for the majority of employed individuals. In many instances, these individuals may not even be able to visit hospitals if they require a blood test. However, after consulting with their diagnostic centre, they can schedule a blood test at home. Thus, they can complete their exams at home. Additionally, this method can save a great deal of time.

Why Should You Select Skylab Medical Services Trivandrum?

To facilitate improved client services, Skylab Laboratory Medical Healthcare Services provides a variety of services to anyone, anywhere, at any time, at their doorstep, with two sample collection options available: at the laboratory or at home. Using a lab-at-home service, our diagnostic tests can be performed at the patient’s residence.

This service eliminates the need to drive from your home to the lab, which saves you money, time, and effort, increases accuracy, and provides you with peace of mind. The lab-at-home service provides affordable, private, independent, and individualised testing baits. Skylab Laboratory Medical Healthcare Service is provided by licenced physicians and other medical personnel. All medical regulations are adhered to when providing the healthcare service, ensuring that all lab-at-home service patients receive the finest treatment from the most qualified medical professionals in the comfort of their own homes.

The Last Words

Patients no longer need to wait for extended periods of time in hospitals and clinics, and the tests can be performed in the comfort of their own homes, which are significant advantages of at-home laboratory testing. In addition, the scheduling procedure is uncomplicated, and patients receive faster results without having to travel, so they enjoy greater convenience.


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